Publications 2021


Toshiki Okamura, and Kenya Sato, Misbehavior Detection Method by Time Series Change of Vehicle Position in Vehicle-to-Everything Communication, Journal of Transportation Technologies, Vol.11 No.2, pp.284-295, 2021/04.

Kohei Hosono, Akihiko Maki, Yosuke Watanabe, Hiroaki Takada and Kenya Sato, Implementation and Evaluation of Load Balancing Mechanism with Multiple Edge Server Cooperation for Dynamic Map System, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, DOI: 10.1109/TITS.2021.3067909. (To Appear)

細野 航平,槇 昌彦,渡辺 陽介,高田 広章,佐藤 健哉,車線分割に基づきエッジサーバを配置したダイナミックマップシステムのスケーラビリティ向上,情報処理学会論文誌 Vol.62, No.5, pp.1261-1274, 2021/05.

佐藤 健哉,高田 広章,ダイナミックマップ2.0(DM2.0)の構成と設計,電子情報通信学会 通信ソサイエティマガジン, Vol.57, No.0, pp.10-15, 2021/00.(TBA)

Kohei Hosono, Akihiko Maki, Yosuke Watanabe, Hiroaki Takada and Kenya Sato, Efficient Access Method for Multi-access Edge Servers in Dynamic Map Systems, International Journal on Intelligent Transport Systems Research (Springer), (Accepted).


Ryota Hatayama, and Kenya Sato, Proposal of Alleviation Method of Car Sickness Caused by Working on a PC in a Driving Car, The Harris Science Review of Doshisha University, Vol.62, No.1, pp.27-33, 2021/04.

International Symposium

Habibullah Babakarkhail, and Kenya Sato, Novel Micro Road Pricing Method Based on Spatio-Temporal Grid Reservation for Collecting Gasoline Tax Revenue from Zero-Emission Vehicle, The 27th International Conference on Parallel Distributed Processing Techniques Application, 2021/7. (Accepted)

Domestic Conference

佐藤 健哉,自動運転向け協調センシングのための情報通信プラットフォーム,知的センシングとインタラクションシンポジウム2021,2021/6.